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CoinJoin is an open source project allowing bitcoin users to maintain their privacy. In each CoinJoin transaction, the input bitcoins are exchanged instantly for unrelated bitcoins sent by another CoinJoin participant. No trail is left. No centralized authority can record this transaction.


Choose a Cryptocurrency

Both Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are supported by CoinJoin

Bitcoin Cash

Choose a Cryptocurrency

CoinJoin now supports both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

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Transaction Options

If you wish to delay receiving your anonymous CoinJoin outputs, or split between multiple receiving addresses, you can set these options here.

Destination Address

You can choose to receive the mixed cryptocurrency at multiple addresses. A time delay helps further obscure on-chain analysis by separating input and output transactions by time.
hour minutes

CoinJoin Fee :

ConJoin allows for variable fees. There is a minimum and maximum fee. It is suggested, to increase randomness by selecting a fee somewhere in between these limits.
Percentage distribution:

Delay Output Transaction

Separating the input and output transactions by time serves to frustrate blockchain analysis techniques.

Important Notice

Read the following guidelines carefully to ensure you understand.

Waiting For Deposit

If you need help from the CoinJoin developers please include the CoinJoin ID displayed here.

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What is Bitcoin Mixing?

Bitcoin mixing involves mixing your coins with those of other users via a mixing service in order to remain anonymous and enjoy secure transactions.

When you choose to mix, tumble, or shuffle your coins using a third-party system, you sign up for privacy and completely untraceable purchases, donations, and exchanges.

The ultimate goal of Bitcoin mixing services is to break the link between your withdrawal address and receiving address so that your Bitcoin wallet cannot be traced.

How many network confirmations does a Bitcoin mixer need to accept transactions?

With three network confirmations, the Bitcoin mixer will allow your transaction to pass. In some cases, people may have to wait for up to six confirmations when using Bitcoins on other platforms.

But this doesn’t apply to all Bitcoin mixers. The three verifications serve as a guarantee that the coins are clean and haven’t been tainted on gambling sites or similar platforms. At the end of the confirmations, the transaction is authorized.

How long does an incoming address remain active?

An incoming address is valid for up to 48 hours after which the user will need to provide another address. This validity period is designed such that you can only use it for a single transaction.

As a result of this 2-day period, it is important that you stick to unique incoming addresses per transaction.

Is it possible to reuse my incoming address?

You can use a single incoming address for only one transaction. This means that if you start a transaction will a specific incoming address, you should ensure that you complete that transaction with the same address.

And when the transaction is completed, you cannot use the incoming address a second time. The second transaction which will be considered as an error will not be processed by mixer.

What is the minimum BTC amount I can mix?

The smallest amount you can mix using the mixing service is 0.01 BTC.

Anything less than 0.01 BTC will be accepted as a donation.

What happens if I send less than 0.01BTC to the Mixer?

If you send any amount less than 0.01BTC to the Bitcoin mixer, it will be considered as unfit for mixing. As a result, it will be accepted as a donation to the mixer’s services.

Do you store logs?

We do not store logs or request any personal information from clients. Our algorithm works in a manner that permanently deletes all transaction history as soon as the conditions of a specific order have been met.

Mixer use a TOR network?

Yes, our website supports a TOR browser which is more complex than the Clearnet. Unlike Clearnet which focuses on securing you from criminals and snoopers but not legal authorities, the TOR network removes every trail which can be traced to you. TOR protects your identity almost 100%.

Why is Bitcoin not anonymous?

Bitcoin operates on the Blockchain network which is a public log which records all the activities of users.

Since all transactions are visible to the public, your identity can be traced and seen by all interested individuals including criminals and law enforcement agencies.

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